Monday, November 26, 2012

Permanent Settlement

Dear friends, readers, passers by, Hugh, Ben, (Mike you are my face book friend already)...,

I have not written anything here for a while and probably will not, although I miss hanging out in the tea room.
One of the reasons I will not is . Please listen, download (feel free to put 0 in the value box, I will not resent you), hopefully like and most of all, .
I hope to hear from you soon.

Ever yours,
With deep, unvoiced, distant attachment,


Blogger Hugh said...

Good morning.

I've been shouting "Service" for a long while.

But I am glad to have been introduced to 'this', which I now possess and get on famously with. The Times, meanwhile, is on life support; I've condemned it never to die. I could perhaps attribute some of its degradation to this, if you'll allow me the plug.

Best wishes, and more music. I will see you circa next post.


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